Industrial and Safety - Product safety and service quality

We are committed to providing customers with safe, compliant and fit for intended use products. As a technical services business, Greencap focuses on delivering high level of service quality for its professional clients. 

Own-brand projects undertake an adequate risk review to ensure specifications, product testing and the verification of claims is suitable for the products’ intended use and foreseeable misuse. This year, there were no own-brand recalls across the division. Blackwoods’ certification to ISO 9001 Quality Management System continues, encompassing the corporate head office, distribution centre and branch networks totalling more than 60 locations. Blackwoods has also been developing a next generation cloud-based assessment for national brand suppliers to further verify supplier compliance and risk management protocols, which will launch in the 2021 financial year. NZ Safety Blackwoods acknowledges the consultative role Blackwoods plays in managing controls and processes in high-risk product supply. The business is in the process of onboarding a dedicated compliance role to ensure quality and compliance is governed appropriately and well managed.

Workwear Group implemented a training program for offshore suppliers, including those based in Indonesia, China, Fiji, Bangladesh and India. The scope of the training program included compliance and governance to Workwear Group policies and procedures. Ten out of Workwear Group’s top 16 suppliers were accredited to internal Workwear Group processes to conduct self-inspections on assessing product safety, with plans to provide training to more suppliers next year. Workwear Group maintained certification to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System following third party recertification audits, which were conducted across its Australia and New Zealand businesses. Workwear Group has also recruited a dedicated technical compliance role for managing product compliance. Coregas implemented product stewardship information and training via the Australian and New Zealand Industrial Gas Association (ANZIGA). The training covered toxic gases, flammables, eurphorics and inert gases.

Greencap’s independent accreditation program is a key driver in managing risk and quality of service. The annual re-audit program was successfully delivered with accreditation continuing for ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.  Greencap also completed a gap analysis against ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety during the reporting period. 

All Industrial and Safety businesses will continue to focus on core priorities in line with strategic business objectives next year.