Five-year financial history


All figures in $m unless shown otherwise20172016201520141
Summarised income statement3
Sales revenue68,099
Other operating revenue345338318278283
Operating revenue68,44465,98162,44760,18157,749
Operating profit before depreciation and amortisation, finance costs and income tax5,6682,6424,9783,8774,486
Depreciation and amortisation(1,266)(1,296)(1,219)(1,082)(1,033)
Finance costs(264)(308)(315)(346)(417)
Income tax expense(1,265)(631)(1,004)(939)(908)
Profit after tax from discontinued operations---1,179133
Operating profit after income tax attributable to members of Wesfarmers Limited2,8734072,4402,6892,261
Capital and dividends
Ordinary shares on issue (number) 000's as at 30 June1,133,840 1,126,1311,123,7531,143,2751,157,194
Paid up ordinary capital as at 30 June22,268 21,93721,84422,70823,290
Fully-franked dividend per ordinary share declared (cents)223186200200180
Capital management: capital return and fully franked dividend components--10050-
Financial performance
Earnings per share (weighted average) (cents)254.736.2216.1234.6195.9
Earnings per share growth603.6% (83.2%)(7.9%)19.8%6.4%
Return on average ordinary shareholders' equity (R12)(excluding significant items4)12.4% 9.6%9.8%10.5%8.9%
Fixed charges cover (R12, times)(excluding significant items4)3.1
Interest cover (cash basis) (R12, times)(excluding significant items4)25.0 16.820.515.912.2
Financial position as at 30 June
Total assets40,115 40,78340,40239,72743,155
Total liabilities16,17417,83415,62113,74017,133
Net assets23,94122,94924,78125,98726,022
Net tangible asset backing per ordinary share$4.44$3.45$4.85$6.14$4.69
Net debt to equity20.1%31.0%25.1%13.1%20.2%
Total liabilities/total assets40.3%43.7%38.7%34.6%39.7%
Stock market capitalisation as at 30 June45,49045,15843,86047,83545,936

1 The 2014 numbers have been restated to reflect the disposal of WesCEF’s interest in Air Liquide WA Pty Ltd as a discontinued operation.
2 The 2013 numbers have been restated to reflect the classification of the Insurance division as a discontinued operation.
3 The summarised income statement for 2016 includes significant items relating to the following pre-tax (post-tax) items: $1,266 million ($1,249 million) non-cash impairment of Target; $850 million ($595 million) non-cash impairment of Curragh; and $145 million ($102 million) of restructuring costs and provisions to reset Target.
4 The 2016 number excludes the significant items outlined in footnote 3 above.