Product recalls

Where a product is found to be faulty and there is a risk it may cause injury, our divisions conduct recalls in line with ACCC guidelines. Recalls conducted during the year are provided below.


During the year, Bunnings did not implement any product safety recalls in relation to its direct sourced product range. Bunnings supported three third-party suppliers (one in Australia and two in New Zealand) to implement their own product recalls related to electrical, fire safety and chemical products. Customers were notified of product recalls online and in-store, with Bunnings directly contacting customers with transactions where contact data was available. Bunnings also commenced trialling recall-related customer communications through social media channels and will continue to monitor the efficacy of this communications channel for recall purposes.

Kmart Group

Kmart Group is committed to developing high-quality, safe and compliant products that enhance customer experience and deliver commercial growth. The Kmart Group quality teams maintain a strong focus on customer safety as a top priority. The quality teams work closely with suppliers to conduct safety investigations to ensure that product integrity and performance is consistent. Product safety recalls are conducted as required, or as a precautionary measure, to eliminate customer exposure to potentially unsafe products.


Kmart conducted zero product safety recalls on own brand products this financial year, compared to four recalls last year.


Target conducted one product safety recall on own brand products this year, compared to zero recalls last year.


Catch initiated two recalls on Catch In-Stock products this financial year compared to one for the previous period.


As a precaution, Officeworks conducted recalls of Child Defibrillator Pads and a ring light. Officeworks advertises recalls widely through the ACCC, its website, signage on stores and a variety of media sources. During the year Officeworks took proactive steps to readvertise the recall of some products from prior years to increase awareness of possible safety issues and to drive the returns of affected products

Industrial and Safety

The division maintained zero own-brand product recalls, supported by critical paths within the sourcing and new product development workflow for factory and product level compliance.

Where supplier products are subject to recalls, Blackwoods, Bullivants and NZ Safety Blackwoods publish recall notices on their websites.


GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3, GRI 416-1, GRI 417-1, GRI 413-2