Our Data

The 2022 Wesfarmers Sustainability Databook outlines our key non-financial information for the financial year 2022. It forms part of our annual sustainability reporting disclosure and is inclusive of Wesfarmers and divisional data. The data report also provides definitions for our sustainability data.

All 2022 data is as at 30 June 2022 unless stated otherwise and reported for all managed operations unless otherwise stated.

Click here to download the 2022 Wesfarmers Sustainability Databook in Excel format.


GRI 102-8, GRI 102-48, GRI 302-1, GRI 303-1, GRI 303-5, GRI 305-1, GRI 305-2, GRI 305-3, GRI 306-1, GRI 306-2, GRI 306-3, GRI 306-4, GRI 306-5, GRI 401-1, GRI 403-9