Officeworks - Diversity and inclusion

Officeworks celebrates people from all walks of life and is creating a culture of belonging that is reflected in the everyday behaviours demonstrated by team members at every location and at every level of the business. Officeworks recognises the value that diversity brings to the business and understands diversity means many different things, including individual life experience, skill, ability, age, ethnicity, religious and cultural background, family status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

It is important to Officeworks that team members feel valued and accepted when they come to work and they belong. Officeworks works to ensure its team members feel their contributions are valued in an environment where they are comfortable to raise ideas and concerns. In its 2022 annual engagement survey, YourSay, 85 per cent of team members indicated that Officeworks values diversity, inclusion and belonging and 75 per cent said they feel like they belong as part of the team.

Officeworks’ Diversity and Belonging Strategy enables it to support its team members to continuously build their capability to have authentic and supportive discussions about equity, diversity and inclusion in a workplace which promotes these values.

Officeworks has three key focus areas within its strategy:  

  1. First Nations – To respect and recognise Australia’s First People by building a greater understanding of their history, customs and culture as well as providing career opportunities and guidance for First Nations team members. During the year, Officeworks achieved and maintained employment parity for First Nations People, with 323 team members identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander as at 30 June 2022. This represents 3.5 per cent of Officeworks' workforce, making it a stronger and more diverse business that is reflective of the Australian population and the communities it serves. Officeworks achieved this employment milestone through investment in the retention of existing First Nations team members, continuing its partnership with the Clontarf Foundation and providing Indigenous team members with opportunities for personal and professional development. This includes through Wesfarmers’ Indigenous Leadership Initiative, which supports Indigenous team members to develop management and leadership skills. During the period, Officeworks celebrated Indigenous culture with the release of an office essentials stationery collection, designed by First Nations artist Merindah-Gunya, a proud member of the Eastern Maar people of the Gunditjmara nation in southwest Victoria. In addition, for every product sold from the range, 50 cents was donated to The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation, for its ‘Living First Languages’ platform, which focuses on preserving, revitalising and teaching First Nations languages.
  2. Identity– To recognise and support diversity across the business. Officeworks continues to focus on maintaining gender balance in its Leadership team, as defined by a 40/40/20 mix, with 43 per cent of leadership roles held by women, as of 30 June 2022. Officeworks continued its partnership with Pride in Diversity to support building pride awareness and workplace inclusion and increased its focus on the Officeworks Pride Network. To provide a simple way for its team members to identify as LGTQI+ or be allies to these communities, Officeworks launched rainbow lanyards and bandanas for team members, which have been widely adopted by individuals across the business. 
  3. Accessibility – To ensure team members are empowered to work in a way that suits them, including working families and carers. Officeworks’ flexibility policy ensures it provides the right level of support and flexibility for team members, empowering them to choose when and where to work, while considering the business needs in conjunction with their own. Officeworks continued its partnerships with Circle In and Transitioning Well, to ensure team members that are primary careers continue to be supported through all different stages of life.

Officeworks' focus for the next year will continue across the First Nations, Identity and Accessibility pillars in its Diversity and Belonging plan. Following the launch of the Wesfarmers Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan in July 2022, Officeworks will work towards achieving the commitments outlined, including an ongoing focus on hiring, retaining, and developing Indigenous team members within stores, support and distribution centres and raise further awareness of First Nations cultures through cultural awareness training. 

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