Bunnings - Product safety

The safety and wellness of Bunnings’ team members and customers remain its highest priority. Bunnings has an extensive range of products that are used in conjunction with safety instructions and personal protective equipment, including gardening equipment, hand and power tools, and electrical products.

Selling products that are safe, fit for purpose and comply with relevant Australian, New Zealand and international mandatory or voluntary standards remains key to Bunnings’ efforts.

Bunnings monitors the performance of product quality and safety through multiple channels and conducts product safety inspections to ensure conformance with applicable mandatory standards. In April 2022, Bunnings conducted an annual product safety labelling assessment to identify continuous improvement opportunities. Independent safety tests are also conducted on selected products to confirm compliance with safety standards and customer expectations.

During the year, Bunnings worked closely with suppliers to commence the change of gas valve connectors to a newer, safer LCC27 valve for gas-powered appliances. This changeover will continue in the coming financial year with new barbecues and outdoor heating products to be supplied with the new connection. During the year, 10 per cent of refillable gas bottles were transitioned to the new valve to support the changeover, with the remaining bottles to be transitioned in future years.

Bunnings’ product safety program this year focused on enhancing team and customer safety education through improved on-pack communication and fact sheets, such as guidance on the use of pest control products. Bunnings also worked with product manufacturers to implement product quality and safety specifications for pool and spa products.

During the year Bunnings’ ISO9001 quality certification requirements were expanded for new direct sourced factories. In addition, Bunnings expanded its requirements for independent third-party final random inspections for electrical products. This evolution in Bunnings’ product safety program resulted in improved transparency on quality indicators for electrical products, prior to shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

There will be a continued focus in the next financial year on expanding product safety education for customers and introducing enhanced product quality specifications for direct sourced products.