Debt overview

Long Term Credit Rating
Long term credit rating (Current)Standard & Poor'sA- (Stable outlook)
 Moody'sA3 (Stable outlook)
Gross debt (reported - inclusive of fair value adjustments) (A$m)4,430
Cash at bank and on deposit (A$m)254
Gross debt less cash at bank and on deposit (A$m)4,176
 Net Financial Debt / (Cash)* (A$m)3,984
Finance cost (includes non-interest expenses but excludes capitalised interest) (A$m)135


* Interest-bearing liabilities less cash at bank and on deposit and held in joint operation, net of cross-currency interest rate swaps and interest rate swap contracts.  Excludes lease liabilities.


Debt maturity profile at 30 June 2023

Deft maturity profile FY23

Debt capital market geographical diversity at 30 June 2023


DI 1H 2023 1