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Officeworks is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates and is passionate about building meaningful connections that help others to overcome challenging circumstances and thrive. In order to best support the diverse needs local communities face, Officeworks empowers its team members across Australia to support causes and organisations in ways that are most meaningful in their local communities.

Officeworks' Make a Difference Appeal allows customers to round up the cost of their purchases, contributing financial support to local and regional causes. Recognising the impacts on communities across Australia from COVID-19, Officeworks partnered with organisations that provide support for children’s health and education. Together with its customers, Officeworks raised $1 million to support 14 organisations across the country.

During times of crisis, Officeworks team members aim to respond quickly to best support their communities. In response to the devastating New South Wales and Queensland floods, Officeworks partnered with GIVIT and raised much needed funds for the flood-affected communities. For one week, customers could round up the cost of their purchase in-store or donate online to show their support for flood victims. Thanks to the generosity of its team and customers, Officeworks contributed $400,000 to communities in need. Additionally, Officeworks donated 500 literacy packs to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation to support students with the equipment needed to resume their studies in flood affected areas.

In the 2023 financial year, Officeworks will continue to raise funds through its annual Make a Difference Appeal, responding to the unique challenges its local communities are facing. Officeworks' focus will be directed on diversifying its fundraising streams and exploring more opportunities for team members to actively participate across the business.

*For the 2022 financial year, Officeworks’ results reflect two campaigns due to a change in reporting dates based on when funds were raised.

Across Australia, there remains a significant gap in education standards between students who are living in disadvantaged circumstances and those who are not. This disparity is especially prevalent in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, where literacy and numeracy levels are substantially lower than non-Indigenous communities. Officeworks believes every child should have equal access to education.

As a leading provider of educational resources for early learning centres, and primary and secondary schools, one of Officeworks’ strategic priorities is promoting strong educational outcomes for all Australian students, no matter their circumstances.

Together with its long-term partners, The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) and The Smith Family (TSF), Officeworks identifies opportunities and champions causes that support students who need it most. The ALNF is pivotal in helping raise language, literacy and numeracy standards in Indigenous communities across Australia, and through the partnership Officeworks contributes vital funds for educational programs, specifically for Indigenous Australians. TSF provides students with sponsorships that help cover education costs for items such as books, excursions and uniforms. During the financial year, thanks to the generosity of its team and customers, 9,820 Australian students received sponsorships and education resources funded by the more than $2 million raised through the Wall of Hands and Back to School Appeals.

In addition, Officeworks developed new initiatives including hosting TSF’s Work Inspiration reach-out sessions to facilitate employment opportunities and partnered with book-sharing organisation 123Read2Me. Through the partnership, 17 Officeworks sites host a collection box for second-hand books, giving the team and customers the opportunity to donate pre-loved children’s books to children who need it most, with many located in flood-affected areas of northern New South Wales and Queensland. So far, 40,000 books have been collected, making a positive difference to wellbeing, supporting children’s access to literacy and reducing 5.9 tonnes of waste to landfill.  

In the 2023 financial year, Officeworks will continue to work with the ALNF, TSF, its team members and customers to provide fundraising support where it is most needed. Officeworks will progress initiatives that aim to deliver year-round support to its partners, including with an expansion of TSF’s Work Inspiration sessions. The impacts of COVID-19 have further highlighted the digital divide for Indigenous and disadvantaged students, and Officeworks will explore the role it can play in bridging this gap.

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