WesCEF - Information security and technology

Information security and technology ensures the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure and theft of or damage to hardware, and software or electronic data. 

WesCEF is committed to ensuring its systems remain reliable, stable, and guarded against threat, in line with industry standards. WesCEF undertakes continuous improvement initiatives each year to ensure the effectiveness of these systems. 

No material cyber security incidents occurred during the year. Improvements in operational technology supported plant availability during the year.

Cyber security improvements included a focus on education and awareness activities for employees, projects to upgrade network and application security and improvements to operational technology perimeter defences. WesCEF cyber incident response drills were conducted to test emergency response preparedness for likely scenarios. 

Improved risks assessments for key suppliers and vendors were undertaken using a new system available to all Wesfarmers divisions to share information across the group.

In the coming 2023 financial year, due diligence will be undertaken to select a new Enterprise Resource Planning system for the division, to be implemented in subsequent years. Improvement activities for operational technology functions for security, access control and monitoring are also planned.

All Wesfarmers Cyber teams continue to identify and share best practice across the divisions. WesCEF’s Digital and Data teams continue to leverage strong use of analytics and data to improve and optimise WesCEF’s businesses.