Our Code of Conduct - The Wesfarmers Way

Our Code of Conduct provides a set of guiding principles for everyone who works in and for the Wesfarmers Group. It sets out not only our legal but also our ethical obligations while we are at work – not only what we can do, but what we should do.

Our Code is built on our values: integrity, openness, accountability and entrepreneurial spirit. It provides the cultural foundation of The Wesfarmers Way, the framework which sets out how the Group operates. Every one of us – from our Board members to those on the front line serving our customers – has a shared responsibility to live this Code and to bring it to life for others.

The Code sets out what we require of all members of the Wesfarmers team, including understanding and complying with the laws and policies which apply to them. This is important to meet our regulatory obligations but also to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and ultimately to achieve our objective of providing a satisfactory return to shareholders. Some of the important policies relevant to upholding our Code cover compliance with laws and rules regarding continuous disclosure, insider trading, competition and consumer law, anti-bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest, privacy and working with external parties.

The Code also sets out our commitment to treating everyone with respect, valuing diversity and providing a safe work environment. We have zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying or harassment, including unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature.

We encourage team members, and external stakeholders, to speak up if they have concerns that something isn’t right and we insist they do if they genuinely feel they are under pressure to do something which is or may be inconsistent with our Code. The Code provides information on how to do this, including our Whistleblower Service. We are committed to a work environment where no-one is subject to detrimental treatment for reporting genuine concerns or suspected misconduct.

Together we can make sure our workplaces enable all us to thrive.


Respect at work