Health, safety and wellbeing

We maintain a relentless focus on providing safe workplaces.

Health, safety and wellbeing


The physical and psychological health, safety and wellbeing of our team members is a critical business issue.

For more than two years, we have committed to providing a COVID-safe environment for our team members and customers, putting in place strict protocols – in line with or exceeding government directives. Some of these protocols remain in place. We implemented COVID-19 testing regimes and encouraged team member vaccination. Our businesses implemented strategies and workforce planning or rostering practices to minimise COVID-19 risks and the impact of COVID-19-related absences, helping to ensure continued operations.

In our retail businesses, we invested in resources, team member training and initiatives to understand and mitigate the risk of threatening situations and adverse customer reactions impacting our team members.  

We continued to focus on supporting the mental health of our team members and implemented enhanced support programs. In addition to existing mental health support initiatives, we partnered with Beyond Blue to implement a resilience and mental health coaching program called NewAccess across the Group. The program is confidential for team members and provides practical tools for those facing challenges that are negatively impacting their daily lives.

While we continue to build our safety maturity, we are encouraged by the improvement in safety performance and reduction in workplace injuries and incidents across the Group.


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