Danie Mellor

The Song Cycle


Danie Mellor - The Song Circle


born in McKay, Queensland 1971
lives and works in the ACT
The Song Cycle 2019
wax pastel, wash with oil pigment, watercolour, metallic ink and pencil on paper mounted on aluminium
Acquired in 2019

Danie Mellor was born in Mackay in 1971 and is from the Mamu, Ngagen and Ngajan peoples whose Country lies in the Atherton Tablelands. The Song Cycle consists of four panels, delicately drawn in pastel, watercolour and ink, that together depict a majestic pre-European contact rainforest waterfall scene with rocks, lush forest, water and human figures standing in the water that drawer the viewer’s gaze deep into the landscape.  The work reimagines the Australian landscape and history, intertwining past and present to show the continual presence of Aboriginal people and their timeless connection to the natural environment. This is a masterful work that combines exceptional technical skill in the refinement with which it is drawn and painted over many layers.  

© Danie Mellor