Angelica Mesiti

The colour of saying

Angelica Mesiti - The Colour of Saying

lives and works in Paris and Sydney
The colour of saying   2015
three channel video and sound
25 minutes duration
Acquired in 2019

Angelica Mesiti’s exquisite work in three movements continues her interest in the possibilities of non-verbal communication. In 2015 Mesiti collaborated with a sign-language choir, two dancers, and two percussionists to explore the use of manual communication and body language to create music and convey meaning. ‘Gestural languages’ become the central focus of this work over three screens that suggests new ways to think about movement, music and silence. We are honoured to represent the art of Australia’s Venice Biennale representative in 2019 | Photo credit: Lilith Performance Studio, Malmo, Sweden 2015, courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery | from an edition of 3 | seen here is a still image featuring the performance of The Sign Language Choir of Önnestad Folk High School, conducted by Ingegerd Nyborg Cinematographer: Edvard Friis-Moeller Camera assistant/ stills photography: Lars Beyer  

© Angelica Mesiti