Wesfarmers OneDigital

Wesfarmers has announced that Catch will join the Group’s new data and digital division, now called Wesfarmers OneDigital.  

As previously announced, Wesfarmers OneDigital is led by Nicole Sheffield and currently includes the OnePass subscription program and the Advanced Analytics Centre. Catch will move from Kmart Group and join Wesfarmers OneDigital on 1 July 2022. 

Wesfarmers Managing Director Rob Scott said the change would bring together the Group’s pure digital businesses. This will provide benefits in the attraction and development of digital talent as well as logical synergies between the Group’s shared data platform, advanced analytics team and subscription capabilities. 

“Each of our divisions is developing significant capabilities in data analytics and digital services to meet the specific needs of their customers,” Mr Scott said. “Wesfarmers OneDigital will complement these divisional capabilities, particularly through the benefits of the shared data platform and OnePass program. This will provide greater value, expanded range and a more seamless experience for customers across the Group’s retail businesses.” 

“The Catch marketplace, together with the OnePass subscription program and the Advanced Analytics Centre, provide a strong foundation for Wesfarmers OneDigital. This will support the growth and performance of our retail divisions while providing new growth opportunities for the group.” 

As part of the change, Catch Managing Director Pete Sauerborn has decided to leave the business on 30 June 2022. Mr Scott thanked Mr Sauerborn for his important contribution to the business during its foundation years within Kmart Group.  

As noted at the recent half year results, more detail on Wesfarmers OneDigital will be provided at the Strategy Briefing Day in June 2022. A new managing director of Catch will be appointed in the coming months and will report into Nicole Sheffield.