Richard Goyder AO appointed Chair of the JDRF Australia Board of Directors

1 July 2016

In the 34 years since it was founded, JDRF Australia has evolved from a small volunteer-based charity to being a leader in the Australian not-for-profit sector. The scale of JDRF Australia's activity and ambitions to deliver on behalf of the type 1 diabetes community has also grown, along with the skills and capabilities required to achieve our goals.

To support this continued growth and evolution, the JDRFA Board has over the past few years been navigating a managed process of Board renewal. As part of this process, JDRF are excited to welcome a new Chair, Richard Goyder AO, who was elected to the position in late June. Richard has been a Director on the JDRF Australia Board since March 2016 and Co-Chair of the JDRF Australia Advisory Board since 2010.

"I am pleased to accept the role of Chair of JDRF Australia. JDRF is a professional, respected organisation, and one close to my heart as the father of a son with type 1 diabetes. It is an exciting time to be part of its ongoing growth and development." Richard Goyder AO, Managing Director

Paul Heath, who had served as Chair since 2013, stepped aside from the role as a planned part of the renewal process. Mr Heath will remain a Director of JDRF Australia, and has been recently appointed to the Board of JDRF International.

Recently, JDRF Australia, in conjunction with other diabetes organisations, achieved a remarkable outcome in securing commitments from both the Coalition and the Australian Labor Party for Federal Government funding to subsidise access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology.

"This achievement helps deliver on JDRF's commitment to supporting access to life-changing breakthroughs for the type 1 diabetes community. This is in addition to our successful advocacy efforts that in 2013, enabled us to secure Australian Government's largest ever single commitment to type 1 diabetes research in Australia, a $35 million grant for the expansion of the JDRF Australia Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network, which is now funding and supporting clinical research around Australia," said Mr Wilson.

View the full media release on the JDRF website.