Officeworks and Greening Australia: Two-for-one tree planting

Restoring Australia is Officeworks’ long-term commitment to making a positive difference to the environment, by planting two trees for every one used, based on the weight of paper products customers purchase. It supports native wildlife, landholders and communities that benefit through the tree planting and land restoration projects and empowers  customers to make more sustainable purchases simply by shopping at Officeworks.   

There are regions across Australia where up to 85 per cent of the natural landscape has been lost. By working with Greening Australia, these landscapes can be restored, establishing native plants, rejuvenating bushland and helping local wildlife flourish. 

Since launching the program in July 2017, more than 603,000 native trees have been planted at 15 sites across Australia, restoring over 1,400 hectares and providing habitat for 15 threatened or endangered species. Each planting site faces its own unique challenges. Thanks to the team at Greening Australia, solutions are designed to achieve the best environmental outcome. This includes identifying the most suitable native species to plant, the type of habitat needed for native wildlife to thrive and the best methods to protect seedlings from threat to ensure long-term survival.

A recent sighting of the very rare and nationally endangered Australian painted snipe, at the wetland restoration site at Mungalla Station in Queensland, highlights the impact the restoration work is having. It is the first recorded sighting in the area as the number of these birds have significantly declined over time due to a loss of suitable wetland habitat. The restoration work at the site is undertaken in close collaboration with Mungalla’s Nywaigi Traditional Owners, helping the Mungalla wetland ecosystem thrive. 

During 2020, planting commenced in the Monaro region in the New South Wales southern tablelands. Over the past decade, the region has suffered significant losses of eucalyptus trees, which is having a crippling impact on the landscape. Greening Australia is working to re-establish woodlands across the Monaro region and achieve landscape-wide restoration, with the aim that the koalas nearby will return, enticed by an abundance of healthy eucalypts.

Officeworks recognises the importance of tree planting and land restoration, including the role it can play to sequester carbon and contribute to limiting the effects of climate change. These results have been achieved thanks to customers who choose to purchase Officeworks’ paper products and planting partner, Greening Australia, for undertaking the groundwork and ongoing maintenance.