Product safety initiatives

Some of the key initiatives undertaken during the year include:

  • Bunnings continued to actively engage with suppliers to comply with product safety standards throughout the year. In November 2018, a TrailPro trailer recall was initiated and later extended in March 2020 to trailer models deemed to be at risk of mechanical failure. Bunnings worked closely with the New Zealand Transport Agency and its Warrant of Fitness network to inform the public and owners directly wherever possible.
  • In February 2020, Bunnings collaborated with supplier Ozito and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to implement strategies to drive further consumer engagement on a 2015 public recall for an Ozito electric blower. Consumer engagement resulted in over 540 units being returned, a marked increase from the previous months.
  • The Catch team has continued engagement with the ACCC Online Product Safety Branch and other State Regulators as part of its ongoing cooperative working approach to product safety on its platform. Catch also continues to adopt innovative IT solutions to maintain product safety and compliance outcomes, with recent initiatives including the use of new automated insertion of mandatory warnings for children’s nightwear and category rating information for sunglasses in its online product catalogue listings.
  • Kmart Group quality teams work closely with suppliers to conduct safety investigations to ensure product integrity and performance is consistent. Product safety recalls are conducted when necessary or as a precautionary measure to eliminate customer exposure to potentially unsafe products.
  • As part of the requirements for the ACCC Undertaking for Smart Trikes, Target has implemented a more robust compliance framework that encompasses an enhanced complaint handling process and various product safety initiatives, such as an improved Quality Hub that houses product safety information for our suppliers and internal teams and updated key product safety manuals.
  • Officeworks’ quality and product safety team thoroughly investigates incidents where customers may have injured themselves using its products and collaborates with suppliers looking for improvement opportunities.
  • Industrial and Safety reported zero product recalls for own-brand products.

 GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3, GRI 416-1, GRI 417-1, GRI 413-2