Officeworks - Diversity and belonging

Officeworks values diversity and inclusion, including the value it brings to the business and the sense of belonging team members feel when they are accepted and valued at their place of work.  

During the 2020 financial year, Officeworks maintained its balanced leadership position of 45 per cent. As at 30 June 2020, there were 190 Indigenous team members working across Australia, with 52 of those employed during the financial year, as Officeworks continued to focus on attracting and retaining Indigenous team members.

Officeworks recognises diversity can take many forms, including through individual life experiences, skills, abilities, age, ethnicity, religion and cultural backgrounds, family status or sexual orientation. As a result, Officeworks developed a Diversity and Belonging strategy last year that aims to broaden the approach to diversity and create an even more inclusive working environment.

The strategy was developed through stakeholder discussions, focused workshops and survey feedback. As a result, diversity pillars were established under the pillars of Thought, Identity, Accessibility and First Nations, with initiatives aimed at creating a culture of belonging. By implementing the strategy, Officeworks expects to deliver improvements across team performance and decision making, ultimately enhancing overall business results. Each pillar is sponsored by a member of the Officeworks Leadership Team.

The focus for the 2021 financial year is to establish the foundation of the Diversity and Belonging strategy so Officeworks can continue to build a culture of belonging that is reflected in the everyday behaviours demonstrated by team members at every location and at every level.