Waste and packaging

_SUSTAINABILITY WEBSITE_GRAPHS_20200915_WIS_WASTEWe strive to reduce our waste to landfill where possible.

Each business has different approaches in reducing its waste to landfill. This includes waste audits, supplier engagement and recycling programs.

Blackwoods Australia and Workwear Group Australia, as members of Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), publicly report on packaging strategy outcomes and initiatives. Blackwoods completed a packaging analysis on the majority of all own-brand products during the year. Blackwoods will focus on incremental improvements over the coming years in order to meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets. The 2021 financial year will see an educational approach to national brand suppliers in relation to National Packaging Targets. All Blackwoods distribution centres have converted to four sizes of recycled cartons achieving national alignment for all outbound packaging. Blackwoods’ IT team finalised secure IT asset disposal, which includes green e-waste processes for laptops and desktops, mobile phone disposal and disposal of printer hardware.

Workwear Group’s warehouses use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved cardboard from its overseas suppliers and reuse boxes wherever possible. Any excess cardboard is recycled, diverting 336 tonnes from landfill. In addition, Workwear Group New Zealand has removed the use of full-sized shirt bags and replaced it with a recycled plastic sleeve, reducing raw material usage, while offering a more environmentally friendly option. Workwear Group has also removed the extra plastic clips and trims on its business shirts. This reduced plastic option will be standardised and 300,000 shirts per year will now have less plastic used in its presentation. Workwear Group will focus on finding solutions to garments at end of life, which will expand the current options of donating and repurposing. Turning garments into alternative fuel source is another improvement initiative tabled for next year.

Coregas is rolling out a printer cartridge recycling program and has begun investigating metal recycling options. Greencap has offered e-waste disposal services to team members in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia to support collection of e-waste from offices and homes. NZ Safety Blackwoods has begun assessing its packaging use across all distribution centres to identify waste reduction opportunities for rollout next year.

The division will review its strategies and targets as needed in the coming year.