WesCEF - Operating ethically and responsibly

Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers (WesCEF) is committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethics in its supply chain. WesCEF supports a culture of ethical behaviour among its suppliers, in particular consideration of the welfare, safety and wellbeing of workers, and potential environmental impacts of activities.

In acknowledgement that there are inherent risks of substandard labour practices within its supply chain, WesCEF developed an Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Policy this year, to establish its minimum expectations from suppliers in relation to labour rights issues and address the risk of unethical behaviour in its businesses and supply chains.

As a result, new suppliers will be required to complete a questionnaire based upon compliance with this policy. As of October 2019, new contracts will have a clause requiring suppliers to agree with and adhere to WesCEF’s Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Policy.

WesCEF’s approach to evaluation of ethical sourcing and modern slavery across its supply chain is risk based and assessed using an internal risk evaluation framework. Where a supplier is categorised by WesCEF as high risk, additional requirements such as audits will occur going forward.

WesCEF commenced the delivery of ethical sourcing and modern slavery training. To date, 47 WesCEF senior managers have completed this training with further roll-out intended for next year.