We commit to strong and respectful relationships with our suppliers.

Our relationships with our suppliers across the Group are very important to us. In the year to 30 June 2018 (prior to the demerger of Coles) we paid approximately $47 billion to approximately 18,000 suppliers. We want to provide value to our customers and sustainable growth for our suppliers and their employees. Striving for better efficiency in our consumer supply chains ensures their continued competitiveness.

Building strong and collaborative relationships with suppliers is key to delivering responsibly sourced products to our customers which safeguard animal welfare and minimise environmental impacts.

Our businesses directly source products from suppliers in Australia, China, Bangladesh, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. While our operations and supply chains are complex, our aim is to ensure that human rights are understood, respected and upheld. We expect our partners and stakeholders to adhere to ethical business conduct consistent with our own, and are committed to working with them to fulfill this common goal.

Our full sustainability report contains detailed information about our commitment to strong supplier relationships and ethical sourcing and can be viewed here.

Our Ethical Sourcing Policy can be viewed here. Our Modern Slavery Statement can be viewed here