The Health division was formed in March 2022, with the acquisition of Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API).  API has been serving the health, beauty and wellbeing needs of Australians for more than 100 years.  It’s one of Australia’s leading health and beauty companies and is a wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical goods, offering retail support services to pharmacies through its Priceline Pharmacy franchises and banner brands.  API also owns non-pharmacy Priceline stores, the Sister Club loyalty program and Clear Skincare clinics.

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries

Since its beginnings in 1910, API has grown from a small co-operative of three pharmacies to now one of Australia’s leading health, beauty and wellbeing companies. With locations in all Australian states, the API network has more than 470 Priceline Pharmacy stores, 975 independent Soul Pattinson Chemist, Pharmacist Advice and Club Premium pharmacy members, over 80 Clear Skincare clinics across Australia and New Zealand as well as a health and personal care product range manufactured in New Zealand and marketed across Australasia and the United Kingdom by API Consumer Brands.

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Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy

Priceline Pharmacy is Australia’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty store. Priceline Pharmacy has kept customers feeling their best in more than 470 Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy stores across Australia since opening its first store in 1982 at Highpoint Shopping Centre, Victoria. Priceline’s Sister Club loyalty program has over seven million members, making it Australia’s largest health and beauty loyalty program.

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Clear Skincare

Clear Skincare is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most experienced skin, acne, cosmetic injecting and laser hair removal clinics. Established in 1999 and developed by doctors, Clear Skincare has been a changemaker in Australian skincare by making the most advanced clinical treatments and effective skincare accessible and affordable to millions of people in more than 90 clinics. Clear Skincare’s team of highly trained therapists, nurses and doctors are passionate about helping clients live their best skin.

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Soul Pattinson Chemist

Soul Pattinson Chemist has been providing pharmacy services, professional care and value for money to the community through pharmacies located across Australia for over 130 years. With more than 50 stores nationwide in regional and metropolitan locations, Soul Pattinson Chemist continues to be a trusted brand for many Australians, providing expert care and advice for the whole family.

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Club Premium

Club Premium is API’s exclusive club for independent pharmacies, offering a suite of flexible programs, tools and services. Club Premium was created to help independent pharmacies meet industry pressures head-on and run a successful, profitable business in the retail pharmacy landscape. Exclusive member benefits help pharmacies improve their day-to-day performance and overall retail services, drive sales and increase foot traffic.

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Pharmacist Advice

Pharmacist Advice is a banner for smaller pharmacies that concentrates on providing professional service and advice. It is a niche offering where pharmacists focus on counselling patients on specific medication needs. With more than 50 stores nationally, the Pharmacist Advice banner is being actively developed as the Australian population ages and demand for medication counselling increases. Pharmacist Advice aims to help customers understand more about their medicine so they can achieve better health faster. With more than 90 stores nationally, it is a banner that is being actively developed as the Australian population ages and demand for medication counselling increases.

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Pharmacy Best Buys

Pharmacy Best Buys is a catalogue program keeping member pharmacies up to date on valuable products and great specials. Participating Pharmacy Best Buys pharmacies offer a wide range of professional and dispensary services as well as offering a range of health and beauty products. Our professionally qualified pharmacists advise and counsel customers on their health and wellbeing along with the needs of their families.

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