Coles transaction

Wesfarmers acquired Coles Group Limited on 23 November 2007 by way of a scheme of arrangement. As a result, Coles Group shares were suspended from close of trading on the ASX on 9 November 2007.

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Tax information

Australian Taxation Office ruling

On 5 December 2007, the Australian Taxation Office issued a class ruling on the tax implications of Wesfarmers' acquisition of the Coles Group for former Coles Group shareholders. The class ruling accords with section 12 of the Scheme Booklet. On 23 January 2008, the Australian Taxation Office issued an Erratum to the class ruling correcting some errors.The class ruling accepts as the tax value of the Wesfarmers shares received by Coles Group shareholders, the volume weighted average prices (VWAPs) at which those shares traded on the ASX on 23 November 2007. Those VWAPs were:

  • Wesfarmers ordinary shares: $41.4819
  • Wesfarmers partially protected shares: $41.9541

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Coles shares

Coles historical shareholding details

You can view your historical Coles shareholding details online through the former Coles Share Registry website for Link Market Services.

Access your Coles shareholding details online or contact Link Market Services at the contact points listed below.

Coles Group Share Registry

Link Market Services Limited
Level 9 333 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 1300 130 278
or + 61 2 8280 7768
Fax: + 61 2 9287 0303

Coles dividend history

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Coles financial reports

Coles share history

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Share buy-back 2006

On 10 July 2006 Coles Myer announced the successful completion of its off-market share buy-back. A total of 81.8 million shares were bought back for a total of $837 million at an off-market buy-back discount of 13 per cent.
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Share buy-back 2005

On 23 May 2005 Coles Myer announced the successful completion of an off-market buy-back. A total of 70.4 million shares were bought back for $585 million.
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Reset Convertible Preference Shares (ReCAPS)

Between November 2000 and July 2005 Coles Myer had on issue around 70 million reset convertible preference shares [ReCAPS (ASX:CMLPA)]. On 12 July 2005, each ReCAPS was converted into ordinary shares.
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