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Our Advanced Analytics Centre

A space designed for the best and brightest to shape and accelerate our data and digital journey.

Our data and digital future is bright

Our data and digital future is bright

Our Advanced Analytics Centre (AAC) is a talented and agile team of data scientists, engineers and analytics leads that drive our data culture by creating solutions that transform our customer experience and business performance. It begins by unravelling one of the largest and diverse data sets in country to scope, shape and scale it across our iconic businesses to deliver outcomes through our shared data asset.

We're solving the delivery of analytics at scale through this shared data platform that brings together one of the largest and most diverse data sets in the country. We also drive strategic data and digital initiatives across the Wesfarmers Group including personalisation at scale, and supporting our businesses in value creation by building self-sufficient capabilities in data and analytics and accelerating their data maturity.

But our work doesn't stop there. Our team plays an important role in shaping and executing strategic use cases within our brands, guiding Wesfarmers privacy, ethics and consent strategies along with supporting the development and acceleration of data and analytics capabilities.

It's challenging and stretching work with big impact. Join us and make a difference.

We aspire to lead in the data and digital space

We are making great strides and investment towards achieving this aspiration. But aspiration alone won't get us there. It's why we've invested in a 400-strong team of data, digital and analytics specialists across the Wesfarmers Group, along with our data platform that integrates data insights across our retail businesses.

Wesfarmers is now the #2 nonfood e-commerce retailer in Australia with over 100 million customer interactions across our digital platforms every month. We have one of the largest digital in-store networks in Australia with a local presence in virtually every community in Australia. Our success has led us to develop a set of priorities which will help set us up for the decade ahead.

We're developing a market-leading data and digital ecosystem, which will enhance the customer experience and create new growth opportunities. More than a buzzword, our digital ecosystem is an approach that allows us to undertake cross-divisional analytics and leverage the power of data to better understand and serve our customers.

We will invest an additional $100 million to further build on these capabilities which include new platforms and more personalised digital shopping experiences across our retail brands. With robust data governance and security managed by the AAC, we will continue to promote our brands that are deeply valued and trusted by customers.