Executive Leadership Team

R.GOYDER - 2017

Richard Goyder AO

Managing Director, Wesfarmers Limited

Richard joined Wesfarmers in 1993, after working in various commercial roles at Tubemakers of Australia Limited. He held a number of commercial positions in Wesfarmers' Business Development department, including General Manager. Read profile.

R.SCOTT - 2017

Rob Scott

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Wesfarmers Limited

Rob was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Wesfarmers in February 2017. Prior to this, he was Managing Director of the Wesfarmers Industrials division from August 2015 until August 2017. Read profile.

T.BOWEN - 2017

Terry Bowen

Chief Financial Officer, Wesfarmers Limited

Terry joined Wesfarmers in 1996 and undertook various roles with Wesfarmers Landmark Limited, where he was appointed Chief Financial Officer, until its acquisition by AWB Limited in 2003. Read profile.


Anthony Gianotti

Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Wesfarmers Limited

Anthony was appointed Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Wesfarmers in July 2017. Prior to this, he was Deputy Managing Director of the Industrials division from February 2017 and Finance Director from August 2015. Read profile.

M.V.DRIESEN - 2017

Maya vanden Driesen

Group General Counsel, Wesfarmers Limited

Maya has been with Wesfarmers since 1993, and was appointed Group General Counsel of Wesfarmers Limited in January 2015. Read profile.

J.DURKAN - 2017

John Durkan

Managing Director, Coles

John was appointed Managing Director of Coles in July 2014 and joined Coles in July 2008 as Merchandise Director. Read profile.


Michael Schneider

Managing Director, Bunnings Group and Managing Director, Bunnings Australia & New Zealand

Michael was appointed Managing Director, Bunnings Group on 29 May 2017 and will continue as Managing Director, Bunnings Australia & New Zealand, a role he was appointed to in March 2016 following the acquisition of the Homebase business. Read profile.

G.RUSSO - 2017

Guy Russo

Chief Executive Officer, Department Stores and Managing Director, Target

Guy was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Department Stores division in February 2016. Read profile.

D.BAXBY - 2017

David Baxby

Managing Director, Wesfarmers Industrials

David commenced as Managing Director, Wesfarmers Industrials in August 2017. Prior to this, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of international shopping transaction processing business, Global Blue. Read profile.

L.KENYON - 2017

Linda Kenyon

Company Secretary, Wesfarmers Limited

Linda was appointed Company Secretary of Wesfarmers in April 2002, and is also company secretary of a number of Wesfarmers Group subsidiaries. Read profile.

J.BRYANT - 2017

Jenny Bryant

Chief Human Resources Officer, Wesfarmers Limited

Jenny was appointed as Chief Human Resources Officer in October 2016. She joined Wesfarmers in 2011 as the Human Resources Director for Coles, and held this role until 2015 when she became the Business Development Director for Coles. Read profile.


Alan Carpenter

Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Wesfarmers Limited

Alan joined Wesfarmers as Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs in December 2009. Read profile.


Edward Bostock

Managing Director, Business Development

Edward joined Wesfarmers in October 2017 as Managing Director, Business Development. Prior to joining Wesfarmers, Ed was a Director in the Private Equity team at global investment firm Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts. Read profile.