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Wesfarmers Arts

One of the first works of art encountered by the visitor to Wesfarmers’ head office in Perth is a photograph from Bill Henson’s Paris opera project. A road-sign construction by Rosalie Gascoigne and a stand of hollow log poles from Arnhem Land are displayed nearby. Sharing the space with works produced as recently as 2012 are paintings that date from the first years of European settlement in Australia, including one of the earliest views of Sydney painted by the convict artist John Eyre around 1805.

Wesfarmers has collected art for more than three decades and the focus has remained consistent: works must serve as a sound investment and be accessible to the community through loans and exhibitions.

Today in addition to the collection, Wesfarmers operates an award-winning art support program under the umbrella of Wesfarmers Arts, involving an association with a range of performing and visual arts companies and organisations in Western Australia and nationally.Rosemary Laing, Brumby Mound #5 from the series One dozen unnatural disasters in the landscape 2003, C Type photograph, 110 x 225cm. The Wesfarmers Collection (c) Rosemary Laing, reproduced courtesy of the artist

2012 marked a milestone in our 16 year relationship with WASO as Wesfarmers WASO Principal Partner.

Our longest-standing collaboration is with the Art Gallery of Western Australia with which we have worked since the 1980s on exhibition, publication and major legacy-building projects to develop the State Art Collection and extend the opportunities to connect people with art.

The Wesfarmers Arts Commission Series saw us working for the first time with the Perth International Arts Festival in what has evolved into an extended relationship our state’s four flagship arts companies to commission new work that continues in new ways today to draw together artists, designers, composers, choreographers, directors, producers and companies from around the country and the world.

Each year, thousands of our employees in Western Australia and nationally attend a wide range of arts events that offer them and their families the chance to enjoy exhibitions, performances, behind-the-scene tours and talks by leading artists from Australia and around the world. For many, these events bring them into museums, concert halls, galleries and theatres for the first time – enriching the working lives of our employees and building new audiences for the arts.

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