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Wesfarmers places a high priority on its sustainability and community responsibilities.

The diversity and depth of our business operations - ranging across retail, insurance, industrial, energy and mining – reach into many Australian and New Zealand communities.

This means we have a major responsibility in getting all of our sustainability efforts right.

Each year, Wesfarmers produces a sustainability report that measures its progress in managing sustainability and community issues across all its divisions and provides the basis on which the company will expand and improve its sustainability efforts into the future.

These principles include:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the physical environment in which we operate including strategies to minimise our carbon emissions; improve water and energy efficiencies and minimise our commercial by-products and waste
  • Providing a safe and secure work environment for all our employees, customers and other stakeholders
  • Treating all our stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the broader community - with respect and decency
  • Investing in the community through partnerships, programs and sponsorships over and above the direct economic and commercial benefits Wesfarmers provides and
  • Acting in accordance with high ethical standards

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