About Wesfarmers

Our values

Wesfarmers’ long standing objective is to deliver a satisfactory return to shareholders. Guided by this principle, the company has developed a unique, highly-focused and disciplined business culture. Underlying this, Wesfarmers adheres to four core values: integrity; openness; accountability; and boldness.

The scope and diversity of Wesfarmers’ operations confers an enormous responsibility on the Group not only towards its shareholders, but also its approximately 210,000 employees, its wider customer base, and the communities and families across Australia and New Zealand where the company operates.

Despite the company’s many changes over the years, it continues to focus on providing a satisfactory return to shareholders; looking after its employees and ensuring they have a safe environment in which to work; providing excellent products and services to its customers; looking after and caring for the environment; and making a contribution to the communities in which it operates.