WesCEF - Keeping information safe

Data and IT security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks. A successful cyberattack could have significant financial, reputational and legal repercussions for Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers (WesCEF). WesCEF is committed to ensuring its systems remain reliable, stable and guarded against threat, in line with industry standards.

During the year, work continued on implementing WesCEF's Information Systems Security and Operational Technology Strategy. This included a strong focus on firewalls and remote access and applying additional security measures to protect data and information against breaches and anomalies.

Online cybersecurity training for employees continued during the 2020 financial year and constant efforts are made to educate WesCEF staff about cybersecurity threats and phishing scams through targeted email campaigns.

Key focus areas for next year will include implementing password management software, architectural risk assessments and an in-house Security Operations Centre.