Bunnings - Product safety

Bunnings has an extensive range of products that are used in conjunction with safety instructions and protective equipment, including gardening equipment, hand and power tools, and electrical products. Bunnings acknowledges the importance of providing products to the market that are fit for purpose and maintain safety of customers and team members.

During the year, Bunnings continued to proactively engage with suppliers to strongly encourage adherence to product safety standards. This included regular product audits to monitor conformance with mandatory standards and independent safety tests on selected products to confirm compliance with safety standards and customer expectations.

Throughout the year, Bunnings continued to work towards its long-term goal to increase the range of alternative low and non-toxic chemical products, supported by industry research to identify new and safer ingredients. This involved working collaboratively with suppliers to introduce new and innovative products to meet the changing expectations of customers. This included the ranging of low-toxic alternative products such as non-chemical fungus gnat insecticide and vegan fertiliser.

Engagement continued with regulatory authorities such as the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, to improve personal protective equipment (PPE) safety messaging standards for garden chemical products. As part of this, PPE safety icon signage was implemented in the garden chemical aisles at all Bunnings stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Introducing a wider range of non-toxic garden chemical options and adopting PPE safety icon labels for household garden chemical products will be a focus for Bunnings in the coming financial year.