Restoring Australia while supporting traditional landowners



This year, in partnership with  Greening Australia, Officeworks added new planting sites across Australia as part of their commitment to plant two trees for every one used, based on the weight of paper products purchased by its customers. The new sites included locations in Queensland and Western Australia, each with their aim to achieve unique social, environmental and biodiversity impacts through tree planting and land restoration.

Mungalla Station is located on the coastal plains of the Herbert River Valley, about 15 kilometres east of Ingham, Queensland, and is owned by the Nywaigi Aboriginal people. It is a special piece of country steeped in cultural history, brimming with life and encompassing 230 hectares of wetlands, which are key to the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Working alongside the property’s traditional owners, planting at this site will help to create new wetland habitat, control weeds and improve grazing management.  After climate change, poor water quality is the greatest threat to the health of the reef, and therefore the restoration of the landscape here plays a crucial role in protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

Avondale Park, located 120 kilometres east of Perth in Western Australia, is managed by the family organisation Yaraguia Enterprises Inc, a group of traditional Ballardong Noongar landholders, that share the vision of healing the land through revegetation and rehabilitation. The 2,100-acre property was once dense bushland, but following extensive land clearing and unsustainable grazing has suffered environmental degradation and a loss of biodiversity.

Through the partnership with Greening Australia, Officeworks will contribute 45,000 native trees to this site and neighbouring property in Beverley, Bush Hill Farm, which will help to create habitat for species that include the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo. With several sacred heritage sites on the property, the land restoration project will also have a significant impact on the local Aboriginal community. Property manager Oral McGuire explains “I’d like to create a cultural sanctuary, where Noongar people are engaged and connected to the land, the same way I have had my own journey spiritually reconnecting to country and coming home”. You can hear more about this site by watching the video of Oral above.

Officeworks is proud to be partnering with Greening Australia and local landholders to help a make a positive difference to the environment and local communities through the  Restoring Australia initiative.


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