Innovative technologies automate inspections at CSBP


Since the introduction of drones and robotic rovers to safely inspect CSBP’s ammonium nitrate facility in 2015, valuable data has been collected and now the business is investigating how the technology can be used for statutory inspections. CSBP has proved that using drones enables the examination of its ammonia plant while in operation, eliminating the need for scaffolding and the risk of working at heights.

CSBP is collaborating with several organisations whichave expertise in data analytics to develop digital twin technology. This will facilitate a high precision 3D digital comparison between plant components and their as-built condition. 

If the technology is proven, CSBP will partner with a data solution service provider Scientific Aerospace, to build a virtual model of its plant using acquired drone data. This will enable automated inspection of equipment and plant components without exposing personnel to hazardous workplace environments.

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