Bunnings D.I.Y. Adventure


As part of its continued commitment to building D.I.Y. capability and fostering community connections, Bunnings came together with Landcare Australia to create a D.I.Y. Adventure for community volunteers on Great Keppel Island in Queensland.

The aim of the project was to create a platform for D.I.Y. education which would also result in positive community and environmental outcomes. The project involved the demolition and restoration of a 120-metre timber boardwalk located on an environmentally and culturally significant site.

Following months of planning and engagement, including with the Woppaburra Elders, over 14 volunteers worked alongside Bunnings’ team members, Landcare Australia, Capricornia Catchments and other local stakeholders to restore the boardwalk over one weekend in May 2019.

The project allowed participants to camp on the island overnight, spend time with the traditional land owners to understand the history of the island, and to build a new boardwalk designed to protect the site for many years to come.


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