Training and capacity building

Our buying and sourcing teams are kept up-to-date on our ethical sourcing and human rights commitments and how their actions may impact workers’ rights through training, collaboration, information sharing and capacity building. For example, the findings from our audit program and stakeholder engagements are fed into the team’s training to ensure that they improve their understanding of ethical sourcing and human rights.

The Group also trains relevant team members on how to incorporate respect for human rights into all business decisions, making team members aware of the impact their actions can have on human rights. For example, we train relevant team members about the implications of making short notice purchasing decisions.

We deliver training on ethical sourcing requirements to relevant team members, third party auditors, suppliers and factories so that they understand ethical sourcing risks and the standards expected by our divisions. During the year we delivered more than 3,000 hours of ethical sourcing training to our team members.

Cross-functional teams in our businesses regularly collaborate through regular human rights forums to share lessons learned and continue to improve their knowledge. 

GRI Standards reference: GRI 412-2


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