Officeworks is committed to ensuring everyone works in a safe environment and returns home at the end of their working day. Throughout the 2019 financial year, Officeworks continued its safety journey and finished the year with a TRIFR of 8.5, the safest year for its team members under Wesfarmers ownership.

The improvement in safety performance has been reinforced by embedding the ‘Safety FIRST’ initiative, which aims to increase the focus on hazard reporting and implementation of risk mitigation strategies. This reduced the risk of workplace accidents and delivered a range of site-based initiatives to ensure that our team members stay safe.

Recognising that the existing safety consultation program was not focused on knowledge sharing across the business, the National Stay Safe Team was established to increase engagement at a national level. With members from both operational and leadership roles, the Team provides a conduit to site-based safety teams and helps to increase the visibility and escalation of issues accordingly. Over the next twelve months, Officeworks will conduct a review to identify and understand critical risks across the business and control effectiveness.

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