This year Officeworks placed greater focus on reducing the environmental impact from product packaging, recognising the importance of this issue and opportunities for change.

In July 2018, Officeworks launched a Sustainable Packaging Policy which facilitates closer collaboration with suppliers to understand areas for improvement in the short and long term. Short-term opportunities to reduce packaging included removing unnecessary soft plastics from products, avoiding an estimated annual volume of two million pieces of plastic across 277 products and completing packaging optimisation reviews that resulted in the avoidance of 16,500 kilograms of cardboard through better packaging design.

Since the development of the  Australasian Recycling Label with  Planet Ark in 2015, the label now features on more than 3,000 Officeworks own-brand products and applies to all new own-brand product packaging. In order to apply the label, packaging and their components must be independently assessed to substantiate recyclability claims. Through this process, Officeworks has established baseline packaging data which drives internal reporting to monitor progress against the 2025 National Packaging Targets that seek to ensure that all packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable.

The focus for the 2020 financial year will be to ensure that a strategic and integrated approach is taken to further reduce environmental impacts from packaging, including a greater focus on customer transit packaging.