Community contributions

Officeworks recognises that connecting with communities at a local, regional and national level is important because the relationships formed with customers go beyond the products and services they purchase in our stores. 

During the year, Officeworks directly and indirectly contributed $4.1 million to communities, of which $3.2 million was contributed towards education and environmental causes. This included committing to 243,000 trees being planted as part of  Restoring Australia and supporting 2,394 disadvantaged students on their education journeys. Officeworks customers played an increasingly active role, contributing $1.04 million through fundraising appeals driven by team members, raising an additional approximately $750,000 on the prior year. This addition includes funds from Round Up to Make a Difference ($646,265) that will be incorporated into Officeworks’ total community contributions in FY20 and will be reflected in the FY20 Annual report. Through these donations, a total of 1,144 students have been sponsored as part of  The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program and a total of 1,250 literacy packs were provided to Indigenous students via the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. 

Whilst social impact is established through Officeworks national partnerships, this becomes more challenging to quantify at a local community level. A key focus of the next year will be to gain a greater understanding of the impact achieved through all community programs.

190923_annual-report-graphs_community (3)