Bunnings team members are the most important part of its business and their safety and wellness remained the primary focus this year. There was a 2.3 per cent reduction in the number of injuries recorded and a 3.4 per cent reduction in the TRIFR. Key safety initiatives included a new online ForkSafe Performance Tracker which manages forklift operator licence and training requirements and tracks safety performance via observation entries. The Tracker, along with a continued focus on delivering site forklift forums, contributed to a 35 per cent improvement in the forklift incident frequency rate.

Analysis of forklift safety data informed the establishment of two working groups to drive forklift safety actions and reduce product-related injuries. Team feedback was collected from over 17,800 team members through a Safety Engagement Survey, providing valuable insights on areas for improvement. Team wellness programs were launched, with over 4,200 team members utilising the Physio Program for both work and non-work-related pain and discomfort. New Mind Matters cards were delivered to minimise the impact of psychological stress and assist with specific mental health conditions. A new safety and wellness initiative was launched entitled ‘Be Well, Live Better’, which provides tools such as health assessments and flu vaccinations, to help team members be the best that they can be, both physically and mentally.

Our focus on safety and wellness will be strengthened in the 2020 financial year, with a refined strategy to drive shared responsibility across all business functions. There will also be a focus on driving better wellness outcomes for our team both physically and mentally, at work and home.