Energy Efficiency

Bunnings continued to work on reducing its reliance on grid-sourced energy as part of a longer-term goal of reducing its overall carbon footprint. As at June 2019, there were 31 sites with solar PV with a further 40 scheduled for completion in the next financial year. The Alice Springs Warehouse solar and battery storage system trial was activated in July 2018 with results indicating that the system will generate over 80 per cent of the store's energy needs. Further trials in battery storage are planned for the 2020 financial year. LED energy-efficient lighting remains a standard for new stores and are being gradually retrofitted across the existing network. There are 91 stores now with LED lighting and a further 31 expected to follow in the 2020 financial year. Preparatory work on electric vehicle charging stations is underway with trials at three Australian sites and three New Zealand sites expected to commence in the next financial year.