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Section 205G Notice - Director`s Interests

Document date:  Thu 11 Oct 2001
Published:  Thu 11 Oct 2001 18:02:34
Document No:  203404
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N
Classification:  Section 205G Notice - Director's Interests

WESFARMERS LIMITED                            2001-10-11  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Section 205G of the Corporations Law


   Name of Director       James Philip Graham

   Name of Company        Wesfarmers Limited 

   Date of Last 
   Notification to ASX    30/08/2001

   Date Director's 
   Interest Changed       09/10/2001

I have a relevant interest in the following securities of the 
company or related bodies corporate:

 (a) Wesfarmers Limited:

  12,746 ordinary shares - Registered holder

  14,338 ordinary shares - Director of trustee (Daytono Pty Ltd) and 
not excluded as beneficiary of trust

  149,792 ordinary shares - Director and shareholder of Menteith Pty 

  65,780 ordinary shares - Director and shareholder of Velorne Pty 

(b) Wesfarmers Limited:

 1,329,699 ordinary shares - Deemed relevant interest by virtue of the
application of section 608(3)(a) and (b) in relation to Wesfarmers
Limited shares held by Gresham Partners Holdings Limited, Melsox
Limited and Gresham Partners Limited.

Bunnings Warehouse Property Trust:
  9,334 units - Director and shareholder of Velorne Pty Ltd

I have an interest in the following contracts to which I am entitled
to a benefit that confers a right to call for or deliver shares in, 
debentures of, interests in a collective investment scheme made 
available by, the company or a body corporate:

 Both myself and Menteith Pty Ltd of which I am a director and
shareholder are participants in the Wesfarmers Limited Dividend 
Investment Plan under which the shareholder has a right to receive 
shares in that company whenever it determines dividends can be 
applied towards the purchase of shares under the Plan.

DATE: 11/10/2001