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IAM`s Letter to Shrhldrs -Supplement to Explanatory Stmnt.

Document date:  Fri 02 Feb 2001
Published:  Fri 02 Feb 2001 00:00:00
Document No:  191159
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N

IAMA LIMITED                                  2001-02-02  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

As an IAMA Shareholder, you would have received, together with the
notice of IAMA's Annual General Meeting to be held on 9 February
2001, an Explanatory Statement. That document provided IAMA
Shareholders with information in relation to the proposed merger
between IAMA Limited and Wesfarmers Dalgety Limited, to enable you to
vote on the resolution approving the merger which is to be put to
IAMA Shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

As part of the merger, Wesfarmers Limited is required to provide an
"exit opportunity" to IAMA Shareholders, to allow you to exit your
Shareholding at $1.65 per share. Last week Wesfarmers Limited's
wholly owned subsidiary, Wesfarmers Agribusiness Limited lodged a
Bidder's Statement for an off-market takeover of IAMA to provide that

IAMA Shareholders should note that the terms of the takeover bid
announced by Wesfarmers Agribusiness on 25 January 2001 include the

* the offer is for the whole and not part of your shareholding;

* the offer is conditional upon completion of the merger between IAMA
Limited and Wesfarmers Dalgety Limited (which is, in turn, subject to
satisfaction of various conditions precedent including the passing of
the resolution approving the merger at IAMA's Annual General Meeting
on 9 February 2001);

* Wesfarmers Agribusiness is entitled to all dividends and other
distributions and entitlements declared paid or made by IAMA after
the date of the Bidder's Statement in relation to IAMA Shares it
acquires under the takeover offer; and

* if you accept the offer by Wesfarmers Agribusiness for your IAMA
Shares, a cheque for the cash amount to which you are entitled will
be posted generally within 3 business days after the offer is
accepted or, if the offer is conditional when accepted, within 3
business days after the takeover becomes unconditional.

There is no need for you to do anything until you receive the Offer
Document and Bidder's Statement from Wesfarmers which we understand
will be sent within 3 days of the passing of the resolution approving
the merger at the Annual General Meeting.

In addition, IAMA Shareholders should note that section 4.2
"Interests of Directors" of the Explanatory Statement states that:

"As at the date of this Statement, no IAMA Director has an interest
in the passing of the Resolution, other than an interest in his
capacity as an IAMA Shareholder or a security holder in Wesfarmers,
or as an IAMA Director as disclosed above".

This overlooked an arrangement with Selwyn Snell, IAMA's Managing
Director and should be supplemented with the following information.
Selwyn Snell, IAMA Limited's Managing Director, is entitled, under
his service agreement with IAMA Limited, to a bonus of $300,000 on
successful completion of a merger between IAMA Limited and Wesfarmers
Dalgety Limited or any other party. He will also be entitled to
termination benefits on leaving office. These arrangements were
agreed between Mr Snell and IAMA Limited on 24th May 2000 before he
joined the Company.

IAMA Limited will provide you with its Target's Statement in response
to the Wesfarmers Agribusiness Bidder's Statement in due course.

In the meantime, the IAMA Directors recommend you read the
Explanatory Statement and this supplement to it in their entirety.

N Roberts